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Program Scope

A Place of Hope (APOH) provides a loving environment for residents to begin their healing in a safe and supportive home-like setting.

APOH specialize in caring for residents with the following characteristics but is not limited to;

Each resident’s treatment plan incorporates evidence-based, experiential, and academic elements for superior, comprehensive care. Our integrative residential treatment consists and experiential therapy each week, academic study, and tutoring.


Our mission is to advocate, educate, and inspire youth to develop the social skills they need to break the cycles of poverty, abuse, and violence while growing into positive, productive citizens.


To change the way our residents view and value themselves.

Our Programs

APOH provides a safe and nurturing environment for youth to explore sensitive issues without distraction. Our program is designed to help youth learn how to claim their voice, accept constructive feedback, and develop self-esteem, without the pressure found in negative environments. Positive peer interaction helps adolescents cultivate healthy boundaries and develop strong relationships with one another.

College Exploration

Career Exploration


Life Skills

Our Approach

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is conducted by clinicians who perform a thorough clinical assessment.


Our therapeutic program integrates a wide range of evidence-based approaches,

Treatment –Trauma

Trauma is difficult to face. Residents can be overwhelmed by traumatic events.

Teen Trauma and PTSD

Potential PTSD symptoms include panic attacks, nightmares, flashbacks.

Mental Health

Addressing the need for teen mental health treatment is tough. Everyone wants to be healthy.

Sexual Addiction

Sex addictions can also manifest via compulsive masturbation, an obsession with pornography,

Our Team

APOH provides programming that allows residents to build strong relationships with peers and mentors they can trust. Being surrounded by the right people to look up to and draw inspiration from can make all the difference. Residents receive tailored programming developed and delivered by our treatment team;

  • Administrator
  • Program Specialist
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Counselors
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP)
  • Register Nurse (RN)
  • Licensed Social Worker (LSW)
  • Case Manager
  • Program Coordinator
  • Youth Leaders
  • Volunteers
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

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